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Remember that flood insurance generally covers damage from water that was on the ground before entering your home, while homeowners insurance covers other kinds of water damage, such as damage from a broken pipe or leaky roof. Keep in mind that if flood insurance isn’t mandatory where you live, there is typically a 30-day waiting period for a  National Flood Insurance Program  policy to go into effect. Take a household inventory. Take an inventory of all your household valuables and appliances by documenting them with photos and videos. Keep your images in a safe place – they will be necessary in the event you need to file a claim. Store important documents. Keep important paperwork, such as passports, birth certificates, medical records, and deeds of ownership safe by storing them in a waterproof safety deposit box. You may want to store important sentimental items, like click resources family photos, in a similar way. Keep such items in a central place where you can easily take them with you if you need to evacuate. Understand how filing a claim works. There are steps to take when filing a claim. First, start your claim by reporting flood damage to your insurance agent promptly. Next, document your loss and begin the clean-up. Finally, meet with your adjuster and receive payment. See FEMA’s guide on  How to File a Flood Insurance Claim  for more details on each step. Work with your insurance company when repairing damage. When dealing with  flooding and mold , contact your insurance agent to ask for recommendations for reliable water damage restoration companies. Even if they don’t have any specific recommendations for your area, you can still inquire about what kind of services your insurance policy covers and how you should proceed with filing your claim as you make repairs. Read the our tips on  preparing for and recovering from flooding  as well as  avoiding flood-damaged cars . If there have been floods in your area, read our  advice for avoiding storm chasers .

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But the vaccination effort is slowing down as most of those who want a shot have been vaccinated. Now the challenge is to reach people who are hesitant and those with access problems, either because of where they live or because it is difficult for them to find the time. Even without a plan from the administration, Democrats on Capitol Hill say they plan to press ahead with legislation to reduce prescription drug prices. But the prospects remain cloudy. Democrats have only a slim majority in the House and no votes to spare in the Senate, so finding a compromise will not be easy, despite the popularity of the issue. The FDA’s move to ban menthol flavoring for cigarettes has directly raised the issue of racial disparities in health care. On one hand, African Americans are far more likely to smoke menthol products than white or Hispanic populations, in part because the tobacco industry has strongly promoted menthol within Black communities. If people stopped smoking as a result, that would promote better health. But some people are worried about creating another legal hurdle that would give law enforcement a reason to harass people of color. Plus, for extra credit, the panelists recommend their favorite health policy stories of the week they think you should read too: And subscribe to What the Health? on  iTunes ,  Stitcher ,  Google Play ,  Spotify , or  Pocket Casts . KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: Sharing Vaccines With the World

KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: Sharing Vaccines With the World

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The Biden administration — keeping a campaign promise — announced it would back a temporary waiver of patent protections for the covid-19 vaccines, arousing the ire of the drug industry.

The administration is also picking a fight with tobacco companies, as the Food and Drug Administration prepares to ban menthol flavorings in cigarettes and small cigars. Tobacco makers have long promoted menthol products to the African American community, and the action is controversial.

This week’s panelists are Julie Rovner of KHN, Alice Miranda Ollstein of Politico, Tami Luhby of CNN and Kimberly Leonard of Business Insider.

Among the takeaways from this week’s podcast:

  • It is unclear whether the Biden administration’s decision to support a patent waiver for covid vaccines foreshadows Democrats’ willingness to take on the powerful pharmaceutical industry. There is a school of thought that the patent issue is more about trade and intellectual property than it is about health care.
  • President Joe Biden has issued a new goal for vaccinations — getting at least one dose into the arms of 70% of adults by July 4. And the FDA is expected to grant emergency authorization to vaccinate teens age 12 and up in the coming days. But the vaccination effort is slowing down as most of those who want a shot have been vaccinated.