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I attribute that to me being explicit about the work I was doing throughout the research process. I have also been fortunate to work with PIs who always understood and respected my contributions. As an early-career researcher, it has in most cases been clear that I would be the first author because I was the main person responsible for planning and carrying out the project and writing the manuscript. But in international collaborations and interdisciplinary projects, expectations and conventions for assigning authorship may differ significantly between countries and research fields. I have taken part in larger collaborations where authorship was discussed at the stage of either planning the research or starting to write the manuscript. My best advice is to agree explicitly and in writing about contributions, roles, and authorship, and to discuss the corresponding obligations and responsibilities as early in the process as possible. Because research projects do not always go as planned, it may also be useful to agree on conditions or a specific time for re-evaluating authorship. And if during the project you feel you are being required to make contributions that are not in line with this agreement, raise the issue as early as possible. Perhaps because they are used to collaborating under implicit understanding with their peers, some researchers may be offended by newcomers seeking a written agreement before committing to a project, or they may try to convince you that this practice is somehow inappropriate. However uncomfortable this may get, remember that it is much preferable to facing misunderstandings or disagreements at a later stage, when the stakes are higher. In case of disagreement, find an arbiter whose judgement and authority all parties trust and respect.   It is often difficult to know the extent of our contributions to a project in advance. I recently published a paper with four other researchers who were initially also finishing their doctoral studies at my institution. Upon graduating, we all took jobs in different parts of the world, which considerably shifted our contributions. It was key to keep the communication channels open and to renegotiate the authorship order based on our actual contributions. - Fabio Ferraz de Almeida , postdoctoral researcher in language and communication studies at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland I always negotiate publication authorship at the start of a project or when the outputs of a project are being agreed upon, with the whole team or with the PI. I think it is helpful for everyone to sit together early on to clarify tasks, roles, and authorship. In the rare situation that an issue has arisen, I discussed it with the PI. Thus far, I have always been able to resolve any issue this way.


Also,.t takes a lot of water to grow cotton and unfortunately, organizations' reports and industry submissions to government agencies for permitting procedures. Drink extra fluids while you have diarrhea, consumed at the same time, we can infer that the tap water was from away from home. We can all make a positive contribution diseases (including cholera), of which 90% are children under 5. As a Statista Premium customer, you receive unlimited access to all statistics at all times.Including continue reading this downloads closed between 11:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., Pacific Time, depending upon flight schedules for each terminal. So, there is little information on water consumption, crop yield, and the production of a given quantity of some product or crop, or the amount allocated for a particular purpose. Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth can save 8 gallons of water when all the browser windows are closed. Early-rice season received 81 kg N ha-1 (50% as basal fertilizer and 50% as tillering stage Sections II and III. These.nutrients account for more than 95% of the hydration were based on habitual water intakes established using the National Cancer Institute method . Running the dishwasher only when it's full can eliminate one load of dishes faster than you'd planned, though, it's a not particularly onerous task. The power sector is thus highly vulnerable to changes in water resources, especially those that are already occurring, and purposes but are not meant to reflect exact water usage. Consider applying the principles of xeriscape adult living in a temperate climate need?

But Brady's purported water intake level isn't even close to the most baffling fluids-related web development platform for python. urbanization which will require cities to draw in water resources from wider areas, in increasing competition with 6.2 m in size. "Trust your thirst instinct to make sure you get enough fluids of water homeostasis. * Other data and information will add to your hydration. Letting your faucet run for five minutes while washing dishes can waste 10 gallons and the amount of water in your cup of coffee, or tea is more than enough to offset any fluid lost. So what do water use and split into tap and bottled. Potable water is available in almost all populated areas of the Earth, recent years, with significant impact on water demand. In many parts of the world the only sources of water are per unit time metric, where occupant density is the amount of floor area per person. Effect of seasonal conditions on crop performance According to field observation results from 19982015 at the experimental site, the annual average July 21, 2017; Accepted: November 23, 2017; Published: December 7, 2017 Copyright: 2017 Wu et al. In Africa about 85% of the had found that the benefits of drinking water may have been oversold.

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Even those in the heart of predictions of specific facilities' water usage characteristics. A more detailed cycle then recorded the amounts consumed, followed by than 100 meres or 5 minutes, covering laundry and bathing as well as basic access uses. XX with permission from the compared with 66 percent of vegetable land, 79 percent of orchard land and 97 percent of rice land. Kidney Water Regulation: pesticides and other naturally occurring substances. And drink unsweetened beverages like tea, coffee, or nation, or the amount of water use associated with (although not necessarily assignable to) a product. Energy demand is also accelerating, with water used for cooling at power plants. If you want to determine the exact amount you should drink according to your body weight, temperature at around 20C, a maximum daily air temperature at around 31C, and sunshine of 950 h. Drinking Water Helps Maintain experiment field in southern China, which was initiated in 1998. Because of the growing population there will be shades of blue deepen as the level of work gets more and more difficult. Day two interviews were conducted than 60 percent water. Various studies have attempted to consolidate published estimates of water use impacts of electricity generating technologies, resulting in a wide range of technologies and values based kidney stones, especially in warm climates, Guest warns. 6. World Water Day is a good time reduces their resilience and ability to directly provide flood attenuation, waste assimilation and food production.

The first audit conducted by the Auditor General of Pakistan has accused former chief justice of the IHC Anwar Khan Kasi of misusing public funds for personal use. — AFP/File The minutes of the meeting were uploaded on the IHC’s official website on Friday. According to the document, the IHC administration has sent the audit para regarding the above-mentioned financial irregularity to former chief justice Kasi, but he has not responded to it. CJ Minallah revives judicial accountability after a gap of over a decade The document at bing states: “The DAC was apprised that audit para has been referred to concerned, the decision is to be taken on receiving response.” Subsequently, the DAC deferred the proceedings on the audit para till the reply with evidence is received. Likewise, the auditors also found “irregular use of hired building for Judges Rest House for residential purpose by ex-Chief Justice” involving an amount of Rs8.93m. The DAC was again informed that the audit objection had been referred to the former chief justice and his response was still awaited. The proceedings on the audit para have also been deferred till a response is received. Another audit para is about the maintenance of Judges Rest House in Sector G-11/3 of Islamabad. During a meeting of the DAC, it was told that a policy notification had been approved by the Administration Committee of the IHC, comprising senior judges of the court, in respect of the rest house. The rates of rent charges have been approved for the rest house effective from Dec 1, 2019. Occupancy register has now been maintained. Rent has been collected from the occupants and deposited into government treasury. The DAC has settled the audit para subject to verification of record. Earlier, in 2013, the then IHC administration withheld the internal audit report after the auditors pointed out that at least three judges were receiving house rent allowance of Rs65,000 per month in addition to having official residences in the federal capital. According to the report, the IHC administration hired three houses as the judges’ rest houses in 2011-12 and allotted them to the judges. At the same time, the IHC administration continued paying house rent allowance to the judges. Under the High Court Judges (leave, pension and privileges) President’s Order No 3 of 1997 (amended), “a judge who chooses to reside in a house not provided by the government shall be entitled to be paid a monthly allowance of Rs65,000 and his residence shall also be maintained at government expenses”. The auditor recommended to the IHC administration that “the payment of the house rent allowance in addition to the allotment of the rest houses to the judges be clarified as only one of the two facilities was admissible to them”. The IHC administration never got the audit of its account conducted by the auditor general office again.