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Illustration of houses It is important to understand the exclusions, as there is contractually no insurance for the items excluded from the insurance policy. 3. How much of the HOA property is covered by the insurance for damage to the property? Does it cover all the buildings and improvements? One HOA discovered to its shock during the wildfires two years ago that its asphalt streets, heavily damaged by the conflagration, were not included in the definition of “covered property.” Pay close attention to which elements of the property are covered by the insurance. 4. How much insurance does the HOA have? Particularly with a condominium association, in which the HOA is normally responsible to rebuild the structures, it is important to review the valuation of the property. If the HOA has a stated value of the structures at $5 million but the actual repair cost is $10 million, where will the HOA find the additional millions to restore the property? Talk to your insurance broker annually to review the valuation of the insured elements of the HOA complex, and make sure there is enough insurance to cover a catastrophic loss. 5. Does the property damage insurance include guaranteed replacement cost or building upgrades required by more recent building code updates? These factors can prove to be vital issues especially in older buildings. 6. Does the insurance policy match the association CC&Rs? Often boards are upset because the insurer pays on a property damage claim where the HOA has no liability. However, with property damage insurance, the insurer insures any damage occurring to “covered property.” The insurer responsibility to pay a property damage claim has nothing to do with the CC&Rs but everything to do with what the insurance policy covers. In condominium, stock cooperative, or attached planned development properties, the CC&Rs do not always match the insurance regarding what is covered within residences. Some HOAs have CC&Rs requiring the HOA only to restore walls, floors, and ceilings to a condition ready for finishes and fixtures (a “bare walls” approach) but its insurance covers all the common area and the units (“walls-in”). Conversely, if due to insurance costs the HOA prefers a “bare walls” insurance approach, make sure the CC&Rs do not require a “walls-in” responsibility for the HOA. Talk to the HOA insurance broker annually to keep on top of the property insurance coverage.


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U.S. Senator John Cornyn listens during a roundtable discussing the semiconductor shortages impact on manufacturing in North Texas at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science on Thursday, May 6, 2021, in Dallas. Senator John Cornyn listens during a roundtable discussing the semiconductor shortages impact on manufacturing in North Texas at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science on Thursday, May 6, 2021, in Dallas.(Juan Figueroa / Staff Photographer) Updated at 9:50 a.m. Friday to include a correction of the spelling of Qorvo, a semiconductor company. Texas Sen. John Cornyn met with North Texas businesses Thursday to discuss how they have been affected by the semiconductor shortage — and how to overcome the problem long-term. Cornyn discussed difficulties faced by such companies as General Motors, Toyota, Raytheon, and Qorvo since last year, when the semiconductor shortage began, during the meeting at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas. He introduced a bill last year that extra resources would bring back semiconductor production to the U.S. The CHIPS for America Act will encourage semiconductor research and manufacturing after the COVID-19 pandemic caused global shutdowns, silicon shortages and increased demand for electronics which all contributed to a crisis-level shortage in the tiny computer chip. Cornyn’s bill passed last Congress as part of the National Defense Authorization Act and was enacted starting in January. This month, the Senate is expected to vote on funding for programs created in the bill. “Just because something’s cheaper when it’s being made overseas doesn’t really answer all the questions we have, particularly when it becomes a matter of national security or survival of our economy. We’re in a competition with China,” Cornyn said at a press conference Thursday. The U.S. is already falling behind China, which is building 17 new semiconductor manufacturing plants, Cornyn said. The Texas senator, a Republican, previously met with President Joe Biden in February, along with Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Austin, the senior Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, to discuss the shortage. McCaul called the meeting “a very substantive discussion about critical supply chain,” at the time. As the pandemic shocked the country in the beginning of 2020, it revealed weaknesses in the supply chain, where personal protective equipment and other items were unavailable. Cornyn argued it is also a national security issue. “If we’re going to maintain our national security, if we’re going to maintain our vibrant economy, if we’re going to compete in a very competitive world, we were going to need to make some strategic investments in things like semiconductor technology and manufacturing,” Cornyn said. A weak supply chain is a bipartisan problem, Cornyn said. His bill was co-sponsored by five Democrats, including Sen.